The Ghost of Humor Past

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Nov. 24, 2007: Separated out all the Loscon quotes and put them on their own page.


Jul. 23, 2005: Posted quotes from Comic-Con International 2005.


Sep. 17, 2004: Layout change: sidebar now shows only pages in current category instead of linking to everything.

Jul. 26, 2004: Posted quotes from Comic-Con International 2004.


Oct. 26, 2003: Some new 2003 quotes.

Oct. 5, 2003: Found another missing quote from 2001.

Sep. 29, 2003: Added "quotes from the car" - a few quotes each from 2001, 2002, and 2003.

Sep. 20, 2003: Added several lost quotes to the 2001 list, lots to the 2002 list, and finally added 2003, including quotes from a hilarious game of Taboo!


Apr. 9, 2002: Added quotes from the 2002 CHP Retreat and a few more random current quotes. Also linked the CHP retreats together with a navbar.

Feb. 24-26, 2002: New quotes for 2002, including the President's Day Weekend D&D Game.

Feb. 10, 2002: Found some missing quotes from last year.

Feb. 7-10, 2002: Replaced layout with CSS-based version.


Oct. 14, 2001: This year's quotes march on!

Sep. 3, 2001: Added a summer's worth of quotes.

Jul. 18, 2001: Quotes from the Luebke Baby Shower.

Apr. 17, 2001: Started adding explanatory links for the quotes that have interesting backstories and those that are just plain obscure.

Apr. 11, 2001: Added a few current quotes.

Apr. 10, 2001: Added quotes from the 2001 CHP Retreat.

Mar. 24, 2001: Updated the 21st Century Quotes, added a lost quote to Random Quotes 2000.

Mar. 18, 2001: Added the 1999-2000 quotes from House 1010 (thanks, Jason!) and a Quote Search!

Mar. 14, 2001: Added a few new quotes.

Mar. 10, 2001: Behold the first installment of 21st Century Quotes!


Dec. 28, 2000: Added a couple of quotes to Random Quotes 2000.

Dec. 25, 2000: I got up early on Christmas Day and had nothing to do for a few hours, so I started typing in the quotes my girlfriend and I have collected from our circle of friends... The results can be seen in Random Quotes 2000. I also finally posted Domain Names of Hilarity!

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