Orange Sunset & Double Rainbow Over LA (Photos)

We’ve had a couple of storms run through Los Angeles over the past week. Last Friday, I went up to the top of a parking structure after work to look at the clouds, and stayed to watch a double rainbow and the play of light at sunset.

Orange Under Clouds

This was the view that surprised me the most: Bright orange (a little more magenta in real life than it looks here in the photo) on the underside of the clouds, but plain gray on the sides.

Sunset Double Rainbow and Airplane Over LA

Here are a couple of views of the rainbow and Downtown Los Angeles in the distance, a little bit earlier.

Downtown LA Rainbow at Sunset

Orange Sunset Over LAX

Looking northwest across LAX toward the Santa Monica Mountains. The sun is out of frame to the left. Oh, who am I kidding? It was behind a building, so I aimed at what I could see.

More photos: LA post-storm rainbow & sunset

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