by Kelson Vibber

To the tune of “Stay” by Lisa Loeb and The Nine Stories

You say
I only play what I want to
You say
I play my tapes all the time

An’ I thought what I asked was simple
An’ I thought somethin’ don’t belong
And now that I hit the ceiling
Now I know that my aim’s really wrong
’Cause I missed you
Yeah, yeah, I missed you

You say
I only play what I want to
I don’t like your music
Don’t pay attention
To the settings on the stereo
To anything, anywhere
I — don’t understand what the deal is
You’re only on adrenaline
Whoa, whoa, whoa

So I
I turn the radio on
You turn the radio off
An’ I go an’ get my .38 Magnum
Load up a clip and I see you run away
Set it on my station but you just won’t let it stay
Some of us had a rotten week, called up Mother
You deserved this since the day you were born
Well, well, this is not that
Shrink as I’m throwin’ rocks and stones

An’ you thought you’d live forever
But you shouldn’t be so sure
You try an’ tell me to calm down
That won’t get you anywhere, anyhow
With me

You say that I’m overreactin’
I tell you I am strong
I thought I knew how to use this
Oh, but now I know that I was wrong
’Cause I missed you
Damn it, I missed you!

You said you shot me ’cause I hit you
An’ it’s only self-defense
You try to play your own music
Well, better look around
You’re wired with dynamite

And you say
You say
I only play what I want to

September 1994