Going Postal

Due to popular demand, this is a single-path story. There are no true plot rules except that you write in the present tense and in first-person. You can -- I highly recommend such skews from the norm -- cheat by writing present tense and then having a flashback

I wrote the first chapter almost entirely off my head, so I believe the writing of this story should be for pure fun. Let your imagination fly. Have fun. 'Nuff said.

Read. Then write. Alright? :)

-- Wayne


  1. Oh No! (Wayne Sung)
  2. Pillow, Talk! (Kelson Vibber)

If you're wondering about Danny's personality and looks. Well, I do have a picture, but it's fairly generic, tall, thin, blond wave. Danny relies mostly on his wit and, I suppose, imagination. He's been hit hard by life and is trying to get back on his feet and stay sane at the same time. Kind of hard to do now when you've been kidnapped by aliens, wouldn't you say? :)

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Story copyright © 1998-1999 Wayne Sung and Kelson Vibber