Copyright Information

The content on the Literary Guild Writing Archive consists of collaborative writing carried out at club meetings and over email. This makes copyright a bit complicated. A chapter may be written by a single person, but is only a part of the larger work. It seems reasonable to me to consider the copyright as being owned by those who contributed the most significantly to each work. And based on the circumstances under which they were written, it also seems reasonable to me that these could remain online without securing the permission of every person involved. (I am not a lawyer, however -- this is absolutely a layman's perspective!)

The site design and explanatory text is copyright © 1996-2005 Kelson Vibber.

Note that I have not yet updated all pages to include an explicit copyright statement. The lack of a statement does not mean the work is not copyrighted! If you wish to print, repost, or otherwise use something from this site, please contact the author or, if contact information is not available, contact me at and I will try to locate the author.