So far this is all freely-distributable software that I've repackaged in one way or another, mainly as RPMs. Eventually I plan to go through various little utilities I've written and see what (if anything) I want to release.

Repackaged Software

This section includes software that I didn't write myself, but that I've packaged in RPM form for Red Hat and similar Linux distributions.

Dillo Web Browser

Dillo is a FLTK-based web browser written completely in C, designed to be small and fast. At present I have packages for several versions of Fedora and Red Hat Linux.

See also: Dillo Home Page


This handy piece of GPL'ed software will crawl a page, directory, or entire web site and verify all the links it finds. It's a single Perl script, with documentation, that should work on any RPM-based Linux system.

See also: LinkLint Home Page

Mozilla 1.0.1

The reason I built this is no longer true (Galeon only worked with Mozilla 1.0, and there weren't any RPMs for 1.0.1), but the process is informative, so I'm keeping the page up. Here's how I did it.

See also: Mozilla Home Page

Thanks to the author of the RPM HOWTO. When I decided to try to build a package for linklint, this HOWTO helped me immensely, and I ended up with something I thought other people might find useful.

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