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Reading and Reviews (2013 onward)

October 2013 Brought all the reviews and book commentary into this site, rebuilding it in WordPress. Incorporated Les Miseranimals review, dropped the increasingly-outdated (and rarely viewed) FAQ.

January 2013 Started re-reading the novel and added reviews of the movie and new stage production to my main blog.

Maintenance (2000-2012)

April 2011 Removed the links page and moved the only surviving link -- the official site -- to the home page.

October 2007 Testing TrueType font embedding as described at A List Apart (currently only available in WebKit.)

September 2007 Updated FAQ with in-print status of books & videos, added links to items on Amazon.com.

April 2006 Updated FAQ with information about the upcoming Animaniacs DVD release.

March 2006 Linked to the original newsgroup posting of the Les Miseranimals Review.

January 2006 Updated FAQ to remove outdated address for Footlight Records (they're Internet-only now).

June 2004 Updated font installation directions. Added navigation within section. Code cleanup & accessibility improvements. Added some post-shutdown history. Changed home page from shutdown notice to "Here's what's left."

January 2004 Updated FAQ to reflect the fact that Animaniacs has been off the air for several years.

Multiple Occasionally cleared out dead links and updated sitewide navigation.

Multilingual Libretto (1995-2000)


March 8 Site shut down in response to a letter from Cameron Mackintosh Overseas Limited. Removed everything except the FAQ, font, links, and Les Miseranimals review.

February 28 Added the roma-ji (latin-based transcription) of the Japanese lyrics.

February 25 Added the Swedish lyrics to Lovely Ladies through Fantine's Arrest.
Also started reworking the flag-style toolbars.

February 18 The Japanese Lyrics are now in text form!

February 11-12 Finally incorporated the 10th Anniversary Revisions to the English Lyrics!
Also added the Swedish Prologue

February 6 Added two more songs in Norwegian: "Building the Barricade" and "On My Own."

February 4 Moved site to its new (hopefully permanent) location at my new domain, Hyperborea. Since I own the domain name now, even if it moves to another server again, the URL shouldn't change again.

If you've been using the pobox.com address, you're already being directed to the new site.

January 23-25 Added English translations of about 16 current French songs.
Updated Chinese Lyrics to use actual Chinese text (using Big5 encoding) instead of graphics.
Started validating pages for HTML 4.0

January 8 Finished the Swedish Lyrics.
Added English translations of nine more Spanish songs, including a second translation of "El juicio" ("Who Am I").
Also started converting the site over to stylesheets.


December 21-23 Got through half of the Act II songs in the Swedish Lyrics.
Added the reprise of Kisember (Little People in Hungarian) and an English translation of Csillagok ("Stars" in Hungarian)
Filled in the two missing lines to "Eponine's Errand" in Spanish.

December 4-7 Finished Act I of the Swedish Lyrics and added an English translation of Váracska ("Castle on a Cloud" in Hungarian).

November 26-29 Started adding the Swedish Lyrics through "Stars."

November 21 Added an English translation of El juicio ("Who Am I" in Spanish).

November 14 Added an English translation of Álmodtam egy álmot ("I Dreamed a Dream" in Hungarian).

November 7 Added English translations of ten Spanish songs.

October 16 Added an English translation of Vidd haza ("Bring Him Home" in Hungarian).

October 8-10 Added Norwegian lyrics for "Castle on a Cloud," an English translation of Senkim már ("On My Own" in Hungarian), and figured out how to make Opera 3.6 display Central European fonts.

October 4-5 Hungarian Lyrics for "Castle on a Cloud," "Master of the House," and "The Waltz of Treachery." - likely to be the last for a while (all the songs that were available), although translations will be on the way at some point.
Filled in a couple missing lines in the Dutch versions of A Heart Full of Love and Valjean's Arrival.
Also added directions on setting up a Favorites icon to the FAQ.
Adjusted the completeness scale from 3 points to 4 points.

September 29 Completed the Danish Lyrics!
Also added a mailing list for site updates through eGroups.

September 24-26 Modified the look of the home page a bit. It should look nicer, and hopefully still be as easy to use.
Also added Danish Lyrics through "A Little Fall of Rain" and titles!
Two more Hungarian songs: "Stars" and "A Little Fall of Rain."

September 17-20 Completed the Dutch Lyrics!
Updated the Hungarian Lyrics with "On My Own," "I Dreamed A Dream," the Prologue and the Finale.
Danish Lyrics through "On My Own"
Split off the Site History so that the What's New page would load faster.

September 15 Danish Lyrics through "Eponine's Errand"
Also added a few missing lines to "One Day More" in Spanish

September 10 Danish Lyrics through "The Waltz of Treachery"

September 5-7 Danish Lyrics through "Castle on a Cloud"

August 29-30 Started adding Danish Lyrics through "I Dreamed a Dream"

August 27-28 Added Dutch Lyrics through "Red and Black"
Filled in a few gaps on the German Lyrics with excerpts from the Duisburg recording.
Lots of corrections in the first half of the Original French Lyrics.

August 23 Added Dutch Lyrics for "Lovely Ladies" through "Mam'zelle Crapaud."

July 27 Added Dutch Lyrics for "I Dreamed a Dream," "Stars," and "Do You Hear The People Sing."

July 6 Finally added some translations!
Original French: J'avais Rêvé D'Une Autre Vie and A La Volonté du Peuple
Current French: J'avais rêvé, Sous les étoiles, A la volonté du peuple, Comme un homme, and Le suicide de Javert
German (Vienna): Nur für mich

July 1 Figured out how to read the Hungarian page on a Mac and posted the directions.

June 24-27 Finished the Spanish Lyrics! (It "only" took me a year and a half...)
Also added higher-quality clips in MP3 format to Les Miseranimals.

June 14-18 Got through "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" in the Spanish Lyrics.
Found and added directions on installing Central European fonts (for the Hungarian Lyrics) in Linux.

June 8 Updates to the FAQ and the new Future Plans section above.
Spanish Lyrics for "The First Attack".

June 2 Spanish Lyrics through "A Little Fall of Rain"

May 21 Added "At The Barricade" to the Spanish Lyrics

May 17 Added Spanish Lyrics through "On My Own"

May 7 Added Hungarian Lyrics for "Little People," "Bring Him Home," and "Empty Chairs..." and Dutch Lyrics for "At The End Of The Day."

May 1-3 Finally got back to the Spanish Libretto and finished converting Act I.
Also added buttons to jump from any song to the top of the page.

April 28 Added the Japanese Lyrics for "I Dreamed A Dream" and "On My Own".


August 8 The Chinese Lyrics for "On My Own" are available in both Mandarin and Cantonese.

July 19 I now have a version of the Les Mis Font for the Mac!

June 18-21 Finally added songs to the Spanish Libretto through El amo del mesón.

June 16 Moved the page to its new location at http://www.arts.uci.edu/kelson/les-mis/

March 8 Added a video section to the FAQ, and added the source file for the Spanish Lyrics since I haven't made much progress on them much lately. Also, there is a good chance I may be adding translations soon.

January 2 Put up two more songs from the Spanish Lyrics Yeah, I know, it's going slow, but I've got a million things to do, and it's hard to find the time.


November 8 I've finally gotten a few songs from the much-requested Spanish Lyrics up!

November 4 Between midterms and major projects, it looks like it may be a bit longer before I get the Spanish Libretto up. Once I get a chance to start, it'll go up in sections (like the Dutch Libretto).

October 24 I have just obtained a copy of the Spanish Libretto! Over the next few weeks I will begin integrating it into the site.

September 11 Added the first part of the Dutch lyrics. Condensed the Help, Recordings and Versions pages into a Frequently-Asked Questions list.

August 18 Joined the Javert Ring.

August 1 Fixed the Original English page. Added a Review of Les Miseranimals found on the net. The Links to Musicals now open sites in a new window.

July 23 Broke up table of contents and simplified frame design. The TOC now follows along with the lyrics. Added help page.

July 7 Added pages: Information and Versions.

March 31 Joined the Les Mis Ring.

March 20 Added pages: Font and Recordings. Joined the Lyrics Ring.


December 24 JScript problems with Internet Explorer fixed.

December 22 Finally updated all the toolbars and links.

July 20 You can hide the frames if you want to. Plus a slightly new look.

May 2 The Links to Musicals now open sites at the highest window level.

April 22 JavaScript problems with Netscape Atlas Preview fixed.

March 20 Les Miseranimals now includes audio clips in .au and RealAudio format.

February 17 Current French lyrics are available for the entire play.


June Original launch on my AOL page. The exact timeline is lost since I wasn't tracking, but up until February 1996 the site consisted of the English, Original French and German lyrics, a few songs from the Original English production, a few Lost Songs, and Les Miseranimals.

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