TrueType Font: Caslon Antique

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This is the font used for the Les Misérables title. I found it on a CD-ROM of shareware and freeware fonts, and modified the files so that the Regular and Italic versions would be recognized as the same font. Unfortunately, this version only contains the regular letters, numbers, and punctuation - no accents or other modified characters. So while you can write other text in the style of the title, you can't write the actual title.

  1. Download: Click on the filename with the right mouse button (Windows) or hold down the button (Macintosh) until a menu appears, then select Save Target As... (Internet Explorer) or Save Link As... (Netscape/Mozilla).
    PC/Unix         54 KB*
        casmac.hqx          74 KB**

    *You can use WinZip or PKUNZIP to extract the font files from the Zip file.
    **You can use StuffIt Expander to decode and extract the font files from casmac.hqx.

  2. Install

    Open (if your system is older than Windows XP, you can use WinZip). Now open the Control Panel (under Settings in the Start Menu) and double-click on Fonts. Then select the two .ttf files from the WinZip window and drag them to the Fonts folder.
    Most modern Linux distributions can handle TrueType fonts already, and have some method to install them. (If you are using an older Linux distribution, you may need to install a TrueType font server. After copying the .ttf files to the right place, you may need to restart the font server and/or X. If you need to install TrueType, you can read this Linux and TrueType page.)
    Macintosh OS X:
    StuffIt Expander should create a "casmac" folder on your desktop. Open the Library folder, then the Fonts folder inside it. Drag the two files from casmac to Fonts.
    Macintosh Classic:
    If you have it installed, StuffIt Expander should extract the font suitcases as you download the file. Drag them onto the System folder, and restart.