Claquesous: No Information Found

My spell checker suggested “claque-sous,” so I figured I’d look up the phrase. Google turned up this:

Claquesous (Les Misérables) - Archive of Our Own. No information is available for this page.

Well, there wouldn’t be, would there? 😉

He never appears during the day, always wears a mask, rarely speaks (and when he does, he disguises his voice), no one knows his real name, and he even vanishes when surrounded by police. I like to joke that he’s really Batman, though it’s later implied he’s a double agent.

For the record: search was fixing the spelling and giving me all results on the character, so I tried Google Translate, which suggested “slap-in.”

Also for the record: AO3 currently has 160 works of Les Mis fanfic tagged with Claquesous.

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