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Return to Temporary Wetlands

Early last month I posted some photos of ponds in an empty lot in the Irvine Spectrum area, fed by the winter rains. Well, the rains have been tapering off, and the weather has been warming up. It’s been at least two weeks since it last rained, and the ponds are drying out.

Drying Office Park Pond
Drying Office Park Pond, originally uploaded by Kelson.

On the plus side, all the sun has brought out the wildflowers. It’s still nowhere near the 2006 level, when hillsides were covered with patches of dark green, light green and bright yellow…

…but there was a nice patch of lupins at one end of the lot.

Lupin Patch
Lupin Patch, originally uploaded by Kelson.

Office Park Ponds

Office Park Ponds (2/3)
Office Park Ponds (2/3), originally uploaded by Kelson.

There are still a few empty lots in the Irvine Spectrum office park area, and the recent rains have turned them green…and for the first time I remember noticing, filled hollows with water to create temporary ponds. There were even a half-dozen ducks milling about while I took these pictures. Continue reading

Macy’s Domestic Water

Pipes and...Macy's Domestic Water

We made our first Christmas-season foray into South Coast Plaza over the weekend. Well, really, we just walked over there to grab something at the Coffee Bean after a late lunch at Finbar’s at Metro Pointe, then walked back…but it was a taste of the holiday insanity of the mall. Especially that mall. (Usually I try to avoid it during the holiday season, but I always seem to end up making at least one trip.)

Anyway, the phrasing on this sign just struck us both as odd. Okay, obviously, these valves control the water for Macy’s, which was right on the other side of the shrubberies. But why Macy’s domestic water? Is there another pipe for foreign water?


  • Wow…nothing like flood damage in the office to start a Monday morning. Fortunately people were in over the weekend & caught it. #
  • Ooh, neat! Server problems too! (Not flood-related.) #
  • But wait, there’s more! They had to shut off the water line to the coffee maker! Can the entire office manage on a tiny 3-cup coffee maker? #