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Out with the Old

  • OK, I think the new server is tested enough for now. Time for lunch. And, I think, a walk. #
  • Odd: I just watched 2 people tossing things over the edge of the roof of an office building in the distance for several minutes. #
  • I’ve just turned off our oldest internet-facing server. I’m not 100% sure, but I think it went back to 2001 – almost as old as IE6! #


  • Today’s Amazon MP3 deal: 99 “relaxing” (classical) songs for $0.99. I figure if even 10 of them are good, it’s worth it #
  • Trying to get back into habit of walking to lunch once/week. Of course, the weather picks today to heat up. I’m thinking maybe Jamba Juice. #
  • Breeze really helps – when it’s not blowing past fields of mulch. #