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Election/Patch Day

My calendar lists last Tuesday as “Election Patch Day.” (We had a state primary election, which fell on Microsoft’s second-Tuesday-of-the month schedule for releasing software updates.)

I guess you could consider elections to be patches keeping the government up to date.

Edit: On the other hand, there are usually two or more competing “patches” that disagree on how to fix the problems, and even what needs to be fixed.

Check Your Plugins!

It’s a safe bet that your web browser uses at least one plugin, and probably several. Maybe it’s just Flash for viewing animations and video (think YouTube and Hulu). Maybe it’s Silverlight for watching Netflix, or Shockwave for playing games. You’ve probably got Java installed.

Just like your web browser, these plugins must be kept up to date or you’ll run into problems: missing features, instability, or (worst case) security vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, most plugins don’t update themselves.

Several months ago, Mozilla introduced a service called Plugin Check that will identify the plugins you have installed and tell you whether they need to be updated — and how to do it. At first it only worked on Firefox, but now it’s been expanded to all major browsers: Chrome, Safari, Opera, and even Internet Explorer.

It’s worth taking a few moments to check. Think of it as a pit stop for your computer’s web browser.

The Thirteenth

  • It’s not off to a great start, but heres hoping today is less frustrating than yesterday. #
  • Was hoping for more than 30% chance of rain, esp. the way TV news was going on last night w/LIVE DOPPLER 2000! Where’s that “Weird Al” Yankovic vid? #
  • Appropriate. Today’s Word of the Day is triskaidekaphobia. #
  • Slowest Patch Tuesday update ever. Of course that’s partly because Norton decided to run a full scan DURING the update. #
  • Patches did eventually finish, but it took >1.5 hours to install them. Usually if I start it before lunch, it’s done when I get back. #
  • Someone searching for “old photos of shoreline village long beach” hit this photo…taken last week. Oops. #

USB Uncharged, Safari Whizbangless, Android + iPhone

  • D’oh! Plugged my phone into a loose USB data cable last night instead of the charger! I’ll just have to use company electrons, I guess. #
  • Ah, that’s probably why the new whizbang features in Safari 4 don’t exist on my work PC: video card requirements. #
  • Need to read up on this: Appcelerator framework lets you build apps for both iPhone and Android #
  • Software updates are traveling in packs. Today I hit Windows, OSX, Office, Safari, Adobe Reader, Chrome & Java. Plus new Fedora & WordPress! #

Eternal Song & Roam If Your Phone Wants To

  • Ah, security updates! On a Friday! Such fun! *grumble* #
  • Watched Wednesday’s Pushing Daisies last night. “Eternal Flame” is STILL stuck in my head. #
  • G1 auto-roaming explained: his phone connected to T-Mobile UK and thought it wasn’t roaming, so it kept data active. #
  • Appears to be an epidemic of low tire pressure here. Waited in line for air plus another car behind me. #