In addition to chips and candy, we have healthy snack options in the break room at work. In some cases it’s a matter of buzzword compliance: Sorry, but using non-GMO organic natural ingredients does NOT make potato chips, popcorn, Cheez-it clones and cookies “healthy” by any stretch of the imagination.

But in some cases it’s actually an improvement. Like fresh fruit. The fruit goes pretty fast, too…but not all at the same rate.

Bananas tend to disappear first, usually by lunchtime on the day it’s delivered. Then apples and pears. Oranges stick around for a few days, sometimes until the next week’s delivery.

It’s a clear pattern: People are picking fruit based on how easy it is to eat at your desk.

I haven’t been to Comikaze Expo since their first year. It’s always been close to Long Beach Comic-Con, and I’d choose Long Beach every time. This year, though, LBCC was in mid-September, and Comikaze was Halloween weekend. And since we missed out on San Diego, it seemed like a good plan for a family comic-con.

Alas, the best laid schemes…

The kiddo and I have both been dealing with a cold all week, and last night’s attempt at trick-or-treating made it clear that going into LA and spending the day at a huge convention wasn’t going to work out too well. With or without cosplay.

But we tossed up a few Halloween decorations, and I managed to spookify one of my shots from our marsh hike a few weeks back, and J. had a chance to wear the Mixed Emotions costume (all the emotions from Inside Out) we’ve been piecing together all month.

Halloween Costume: Mixed Emotions (Inside Out)

Incidentally…yeah, that’s a Christmas display behind him. On Halloween.