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Unexpected Shower

Bad idea of the day: “I’ll be back before the rain starts again. No need to bring my umbrella.”

I’m sure you can see where this is going.

I actually would have made it if I hadn’t decided to finish re-reading The Briar King. Three pages from the end — WHOOSH! Instant cloudburst!

So I finished the book, zipped the full-sized hardcover into my jacket, and proceeded to run from Coffee Bean to the parking structure, pausing under overhangs when I found them. There’s a surprising lack of shelter at the Irvine Spectrum, not counting the stores themselves. It wasn’t until I got to the structure that I realized I’d been running with a coffee cup in my hand.

Amazingly enough, even though I got soaked, I managed to keep the book dry!

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WTF Reindeer Lady

Spotted in a storefront at the mall while Christmas shopping. Sorry about the image quality, but if you can see past the reflection, it’s a female mannequin with a reindeer’s head, wearing what appears to be a corset, a tutu, full-length gloves and a white beehive (hairstyle).

Gramma got mashed up with a reindeer?

Southcoast of Borg

A bright light at the edge of the photo oversaturates this view of a mall.

Looking up at a huge Christmas Tree under a dome, flanked by palm trees.We are South Coast Plaza of Borg. You will be overstimulated!

Seriously, after only 20 minutes at the mall on Saturday, I was already feeling overwhelmed. The children’s choir singing “Holly Jolly Christmas” right outside the first store did not help!

I miss the Ghirardelli shop. It was my favorite way to just retreat from the madness that is South Coast Plaza during the Christmas shopping season and prepare myself for the next hour or two.

Oh, yeah…here’s a better photo of the bridge and the mall segment formerly known as Crystal Court.

Macy’s Domestic Water

Pipes and...Macy's Domestic Water

We made our first Christmas-season foray into South Coast Plaza over the weekend. Well, really, we just walked over there to grab something at the Coffee Bean after a late lunch at Finbar’s at Metro Pointe, then walked back…but it was a taste of the holiday insanity of the mall. Especially that mall. (Usually I try to avoid it during the holiday season, but I always seem to end up making at least one trip.)

Anyway, the phrasing on this sign just struck us both as odd. Okay, obviously, these valves control the water for Macy’s, which was right on the other side of the shrubberies. But why Macy’s domestic water? Is there another pipe for foreign water?