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Sending the Wrong Message?

I figured I’d wait until after the election to post this one.

Insert your own joke about renting politicians.

(Sorry about the image quality; it was across an intersection, so it was pretty small on the original image. I didn’t even resize it. It’s just cropped. Yeah, my camera isn’t that fantastic once you get down to a 1:1 pixel view)

Campaign Camp

Now that the election is done, here are some of the campaign signs we saw that elicited some unintended laughter.

Hunt Sherrif

I couldn’t decide between two captions: “But I did not hunt the deputy…” and “I didn’t think they were in season.”


This isn’t funny on its own, but coming right off the Lost season finale, all I could think was, “Vote for me, brother!”

Go with Tan!

Uh… I hate to break it to you, but that’s green

Interesting write-in candidates

On the same corner where a few weeks ago someone had placed “Atomic X For Governor” signs, Katie and I saw a new parody. There’s a candidate in a local election named Brett Floyd, and someone had gotten neon pink cardboard and written up a “Vote Pink Floyd” sign.

For once we actually had a camera in the car, but couldn’t get it out fast enough.

Update November 7!

We got a photo on Saturday, and finally got the pictures back! It was too blurry to read, so it’s overly processed, but here it is:
Two campaign signs reading 'Vote Brett Floyd' and 'Vote Pink Floyd'