I saw this and was absolutely certain CNET’s software had accidentally re-posted an old news article about Gnutella.

A day after developers at America Online’s Nullsoft unit
quietly release file-sharing software,
AOL pulls the link to the product from the subsidiary’s Web site.

As it turns out, Nullsoft did it again, with an encrypted collaboration program called Waste.

Anyone want to take bets on whether its brief posting will be enough for third-party developers to pick it up and run with it?

So there’s finally a plan to start up smallpox vaccinations. The bad news is, it’s likely to become necessary. Worse news is, I may be at risk for some of the nasty side effects. As Katie pointed out, it worked so well the first time that no one made any effort to improve it. The good news is, they hope to have a safer vaccine by the time it’s made available to the public in 2004.

We’ll see.

In other news, while looking for a reference to the NPR story, I found this story about London’s Killer Fog of ’52 and the history of smog going back to twelfth-century London. So smog not only predated the Industrial Revolution, it predated Shakespeare.

And finally, the other story I heard on the way in, about military-funded butterfly research. Apparently the Air Force is very interested in building insect-sized robotic flying cameras, and at that scale it makes sense to use insects as a model. They could be sent down into caves to locate enemy troops, or sent into buildings to check on hostage situations. (The paranoid in me is also saying they could spy on ordinary people, but it’s a lot cheaper to just search the place when they’re not home.) So if someone’s studying insect flight, the military is quite happy to fund it.

Just saw this page that compares the different DVDs of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. I’ve been looking forward to the Special Edition mainly for the new cut of the film which adds back a number of scenes and details from the book which I had wanted to see.

And no, I don’t see this as some cheesy marketing ploy to get me to buy it twice. Each package has a separate version of the movie, and none of the extras are duplicated between the two sets. I heard someone describe it as a 6-DVD set split across two packages, and that sounds about right.

…in jest, anyway. A month or two ago I stumbled across the QDB, a massive database of amusing (and sometimes not-so-amusing) user-submitted quotes, primarily from IRC chats. Last night I went back, curious to see if anything new had cracked the top 50. Well, the top ones were mostly the same, but I kept pulling up random lists, and was up until about 1:15.

Time to sleep. No, time to work. Damn.