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Up Late…

But I got the new printer set up on just about everything, and I bought and downloaded the latest Humble Bundle full of Java reference books, and I fixed the .htaccess on this site to force access over HTTPS.

Regarding the printer: When CUPS works, it’s more or less automatic, and stays out of the way. Perfect! When it doesn’t, it’s a freaking pain to get working.

I’m really not liking this new editor, by the way. I mean, yeah, it’s cool than you can do stuff like setting the colors for a paragraph, and setting drop caps, and all that, but for what I actually want to do, it’s overkill. And it takes forever to load the editor page if something else is downloading at the same time (like all those Java books and supplements).

Anyway, time for bed.


Dementors on the Train

In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, when the Dementors search the Hogwarts Express, Professor Lupin derisively says that none of them in the compartment are hiding Sirius Black in their robes.

But Ron has Scabbers in his robes, not knowing his “pet rat” is the actual murderer who committed the crime Black was wrongly imprisoned for!

If they were looking for the fugitive mass murderer, they were in the right place after all.