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Arctic Lairs and Towers of Midnight

  • From @lol_spam:

    Pair of spam subjects this morning: “Watch your neighbor!” and “Creepy.” No kidding. #

    I’ve got Weird Al’s song, “Do I Creep You Out?” running through my head now!

  • Ah, the Onion! Melting Ice Caps Expose Hundreds of Secret Arctic Lairs. # I’m trying to remember whether Dr. Impossible had an arctic base.
  • From Dragonmount: The next Wheel of Time book after The Gathering Storm will be called Towers of Midnight — a much better title! The final book will use Robert Jordan’s original title for what he hoped to fit into a single book, A Memory of Light. #

Sending the Wrong Message?

I figured I’d wait until after the election to post this one.

Insert your own joke about renting politicians.

(Sorry about the image quality; it was across an intersection, so it was pretty small on the original image. I didn’t even resize it. It’s just cropped. Yeah, my camera isn’t that fantastic once you get down to a 1:1 pixel view)