• The Spectrum food court has ripped out the planters. I guess they realized they needed the floor space after they chopped off one end. #
  • It’s Halloween, so Target has the Christmas decorations up! # Christmas on Halloween
  • Just heard a commercial that started off, “Winter is Coming.” #
  • OK, only 3 people reading this will get the reference, but… “Where are you going?” # It's up to you

  • Weird: Zunes all over the world froze up at the same time overnight. #
  • Comment win: “like she was going to rip his arm off and beat his spleen to death with it. Not him; just his spleen” #
  • Just a quick store run – yeah along with everyone else in town. #
  • More holiday creep! I still need to mail Xmas gifts to people I missed! It’s still 2008! #

Valentine's Day Display