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Targeting Pokémon

Target Pokéball

I went to Target this morning and found that someone had painted one of their signature red ball traffic barriers as a Pokéball. At first I figured it was a local thing, but I ended up having to make a second run, hit a different Target, and found that they’d done the same thing.

I don’t know if it’s regional or chain-wide, but it’s clearly more than a one-off!

Target Pokéball

Sugary Smash Chronicle: Thoughts on King.com’s trademark brouhaha

The recent approval by the EU of King.com’s trademark on the words of their own title “Candy Crush Saga” for use in game and app titles, and the resulting flurry of infringement allegations, is of particular interest to me. Not as a CCSaga player, although I am one. (Level 491, used to comment on my levelup posts with helpful advice for other players, have accidentally spent real money but never won a level by using purchased powerups.) Not because I think it’s ridiculous, although I do. Not because I’m outraged about one more case of the big guy going after the little guy (“All Candy Casino Slots – Jewels Craze Connect: Big Blast Mania Land” excepted and notwithstanding), although I am. Not because I think CCSaga has used underhanded tricks to winkle money out of its players, or because I dislike the deliberate manipulation of addiction mechanisms by game developers, or because I resent the social gaming model for making participation as much a responsibility to your friends as a pastime for yourself. All relevant and true, but the real reason I’m following this story is that I’ve been involved with King.com since before CCSaga existed. I know where it came from, I’ve been watching its evolution, and I’m interested to see what this episode does for (or to) the company as a whole. Continue reading

Misney, Opera and Grog

Lamest. Controversy. Ever.

Well, probably not, but the complaints over color in Diablo III — specifically that it has some — have got to be the silliest controversy I’ve seen in a long time.

Fans even went in and recolored the screenshots to show what they think it should look like. The link above is an article where one of the game designers goes through and, over and over, points out, “Sure, you might like that better, but it interferes with gameplay.” You know, things like being able to tell the skeletons from the zombies — or from your teammates in a multiplayer game.

Oh, and to the fan who captioned a (relatively) colorful shot with “wow gayness” — I believe the word you’re looking for is gaiety.

(via Comics Should Be Good)