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Tim is Running Out!

Farscape: Complete Series on DVD

  • Two emails in a row: “Time’s running out…” and “Tim is now following you on Twitter.” Misread the first as “Tim’s running out…” #
  • Wow! Amazon has the complete Farscape series for $58! That’s even better than the ultracheap $70 I spent last month! # Only downside: it doesn’t include the Peacekeeper Wars miniseries, which is a Best Buy exclusive. Best Buy has dropped the price to $70 again, but I don’t see anything about PKW on the website.

Arbitrary Limits: eBay and TV Season DVDs

WTF? eBay says I can’t charge more than $3 to ship an item in the DVD category. I’m selling a 2-pound boxed set. The cheapest USPS rate is $3.16 for media mail. I appreciate the effort to prevent sellers from overcharging for shipping, and $3 leaves plenty of room for most DVDs…but apparently it hasn’t occurred to them that people might be selling larger boxed sets.

Anyway, I’m selling some Farscape DVDs on eBay. The auctions end Sunday, November 29.

Updates, Linking In, Inbox Cleanup

  • Arg. Still can’t update Office. Wonder if it’s the IE8 beta. Time to download patches manually, I guess. #
  • Hey, a Farscape podcast linked to my post on the trip to see Gigi Edgley fire twirling! #
  • Serious stab at cleaning up inbox: 550+ messages down to 320. Also first stab at updating/syncing contacts (so many out of date entries) #