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Nightmare Revisited

  • Listening to “Nightmare Revisited.” All-American Rejects were not the best choice for “Jack’s Lament” #
  • Amazingly, “What’s This” is worse. A song all about the thrill of discovery with NO ENERGY. Are they thinking about what they’re singing? #
  • Korn is knocking “Kidnap the Sandy Claws” out of the park. *whew* #
  • OK, this album is definitely improving. #
  • Amy Lee + “Sally’s Song” = win. #

Nightmare Revisited

Musical Thoughts of the Day

1. Fountains of Wayne‘s song, “No Better Place,” popped up on the iPod today. There’s a great line that made us both laugh when we heard them at a concert several years ago, opening for some band that one or the other of us wanted to see:

It may be the whiskey talking
But the whiskey says “I miss you” everyday.

2. The “dream control” sequence from Queensryche’s “Silent Lucidity” sounds really weird in headphones.

3. Heard a cover of Aerosmith’s “Dream On” in Red Robin a few nights ago. Sounded like sort of like Amy Lee (Evanescence) if she were a soprano. Googling suggests that it might be Kelly Sweet. (Edit: After grabbing her version of the song—99¢ is a great price for impulse buying—I’m almost certain this was the one we heard.) She was accompanied by our waitress—but not when she was at out table.

OK, that was weird

I’m listening to Evanescence’s Fallen and skimming this week’s link-checker report. Apparently the Taco Belle Amy Acker fan site was unreachable at the time it was checked, but it’s up now. So I started reading some of the interviews on the site, noticing they were all pre-Illyria…. at which point the album gets to “My Immortal.”