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Wednesday in San Diego

We made it to San Diego after a longer than expected midday drive. (Traffic between Carlsbad and the San Diego city limits was a nightmare.) After checking into the hotel, we stopped for a snack and then headed out to the convention center to pick up our badges for Comic-Con. It went a lot more smoothly than last year, probably due to actually having confirmation notices. (Though I did end up having to run around looking for the press desk for the CBR gig.)

One note: For the first time in four years, we were actually asked to show our trolley tickets. You have been warned.

People waiting for Preview NightWe had tickets to see Avenue Q tonight, so instead of staying for Preview Night with everyone else (and there were lots of people waiting to get in at the time we left, about half an hour before the doors opened at 6), we went to dinner at Dussini, the Mediterranean restaurant that replaced the Spaghetti Factory a couple of years ago.

Then we walked over to the Spreckels Theater, which was interesting. It’s inside an office building, and you get from the lobby to the balcony by taking the regular office elevators to the third floor. Then they check your tickets.

Anyway, good show, highly recommended if the idea of raunchy puppets doesn’t disturb you.

Tomorrow we go to the con proper, and my con report should appear at Comics Should Be Good.

Side Blogging: Comic-Con and Opera

I’ll be doing something a bit different with San Diego Comic-Con posts this year: I’ll be guest blogging the “fan experience” at Comics Should Be Good. I’ll still be posting here, but probably not as much as last year. After it’s all done (and I have time), I’ll make the usual photo posts and post-con write-ups here.

I’ve also posted my list of 5 things I want to see in the Opera Browser over at “Confessions of a Web Developer.” I’ve kind of been out of the loop with all the stuff going on in Flash, so I’ve skipped the tagging aspect and just posted my thoughts.

Coffee Shops in San Diego [way out of date]

So, you’re going to Comic-Con, you want coffee, but you don’t want Starbucks. Maybe you don’t like their coffee, maybe you don’t like their size, or maybe you don’t like the fact that they sued a comic book artist over a parody several years ago.

I’ve been to a couple of It’s a Grind locations over the past few years, and decided to do some Internet searching for other coffee places in Downtown San Diego.

First, the chains:

It’s a Grind – highly recommended.

  • 1603 India St. (India & Cedar in Little Italy, near trolley stop)*
  • 690 First Ave. (1st & G, across from Ralphs, near Horton Plaza)
  • 10th & J St. (marked as Coming Soon on website)

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

  • 160 W. Broadway (Broadway & Front, near Horton Plaza)
  • Also inside the Ralphs at 1st and Market

No sign of Kelly’s or Peet’s, and of course Diedrich is gone. Though Starbucks has 15 locations plus the Seattle’s Best in the Gaslamp Borders.

I found a couple of lists at San Diego Coffee Houses and String Beans. I’m not sure how many of them are actually downtown, but these appear to be:

Seaport Coffee and Fudge Factory

  • 849 West Harbor Drive

Twiggs Coffeehouse*

  • 702 Ash Street (Ash & 7th)

Brickyard Coffee & Tea

  • 675 W G St (between 6th Ave & 7th Ave at the Seaport Village trolley stop)

If you get out to Old Town San Diego, I highly recommend stopping by the San Diego Coffee and Tea House. Seriously consider picking up a bag of Highlander Grog to take home.

* Not near convention center, but still downtown & near hotels.

So, are there any San Diego natives reading? Any suggestions–especially for places within walking distance of the convention center?

Linkage: Tips for San Diego Comic Con

Update July 2009: I’ve got a new list of Comic-Con Tips over at Speed Force, and I’m posting new ones each day to @SpeedForceOrg on Twitter.

San Diego: Comic-Con InternationalSo, you’re thinking about going to Comic Con International this year, or you’ve already got your tickets, but you’re a bit apprehensive about some of the stories you’ve heard, and you’re not sure where to start with a convention this size.

If so, this post’s for you.

We’ve previously posted 11 Suggestions for Comic-Con. Some highlights: Go more than one day if you can, and do the main floor on some day other than Saturday. Don’t forget your camera, with lots of film/memory and a spare battery. Get a trolley pass so you won’t have to drive around downtown. Plan ahead for dinner: make reservations early.

Comic Coverage is about halfway through A Newbie’s Guide to Surviving San Diego, which is shaping up well.

Also, if you’re there for 3 or 4 days, get out a bit. You’re in a major city. Take an afternoon (or even a whole day—Saturday is usually packed) off to explore Old Town San Diego or the Gaslamp District. Tour the historical ships at the Maritime Muesum. Go to the beach. Visit Sea World or the zoo. See a play, like Avenue Q or the Too Much Coffee Man opera. If you’re wearing a costume, wear it to dinner at a nice restaurant. 🙂

One more thing: if you haven’t already ordered your tickets for the 2007 con, buy them now. For the first time in the con’s history, they’ve sold out of 4-day memberships. So head over there to the con website and sign up! Update (July 23): The Beat is reporting that Saturday has sold out as well. Thursday, Friday and Sunday are still available, but who knows for how long?

Comic-Con Hotel Booked! (2007)

It took an hour and four minutes, but I managed to book a hotel for Comic-Con International this morning. (Yes, it’s not until July. And I still want to call it San Diego Comic Con.) Last year I was unable to get through online or by phone, but had no problems faxing the reservation request.

Reservations went on sale at 9:00 AM. I hit the website, started calling, and started faxing.

Phone: I couldn’t get through for the entire ~50 minutes of redialing. Just “no answer” over and over again.

Fax: Busy signal, over and over again. Occasionally the circuit would connect, and it would start making fax tones, but it never actually completed the handshake.

Web: The convention website loaded, very slowly, just enough to get me the link to the Travel Planners site. I could get that first page to load—again, very slowly—and occasionally I could get into the second page, where I selected the check-in and check-out dates and preferred hotel. From that point on, it was timeouts, and a bogus error page about how either I had been inactive for 12 minutes or my browser was not accepting cookies (neither of which was true), and I should hit refresh to start over.

Around 9:50 I finally managed to get to the hotel availability page.* My first choice wasn’t available, so I went back and selected All Hotels (which I should have done in the first place). My second choice wasn’t available either. In fact, there were only about three hotels in the downtown area that had rooms left for the full length of the convention.** Continue reading