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Recent Tech Links: Unmaintainable Code, XKCD on The Cloud and More

Links: Humans.txt, Nighttime Photos, Evaporating Cloud and More

  • Great animation: Scale. What would Mars, Jupiter etc. look like at the same distance as the moon?
  • Very cool! 175 Photos of Day Taken at Night
  • Humans TXT: We Are People, Not Machines. Cool idea, but I’m not sure how practical it is without (ironically, I know) a machine-readable standard. If we can’t get most people to watch the credits on a movie, who’s going to go looking for a text file that’s referenced in a hidden link?
  • The Android Market is finally viewable on the web! I love being able to look for and download an app directly on my phone, but sometimes the desktop environment is just easier to deal with.
  • What happens when the cloud evaporates? Flickr: Too big to fail (We hope?) at ZDNet. (TL;DR case study: Flickr accidentally deleted a photographer’s entire account with 4,000 photos. He had his own copies of the pictures themselves, but all the account structure: links on his blog and elsewhere, titles, descriptions, labels, etc. were lost until they were able to dredge it up out of system backups.)
  • Webcomic SMBC asks: Where’s the ball?
  • Add a fold to any website! “For years our clients have been asking about it and we never were able to give a satisfactory answer. Where is the fold in our web site designs? After all, the content should be above it, right?”
  • Sad balrog has no one left to play with. 🙁