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Office Park Ponds

Office Park Ponds (2/3)
Office Park Ponds (2/3), originally uploaded by Kelson.

There are still a few empty lots in the Irvine Spectrum office park area, and the recent rains have turned them green…and for the first time I remember noticing, filled hollows with water to create temporary ponds. There were even a half-dozen ducks milling about while I took these pictures. Continue reading

Man-Eating Birds, Algae-Powered Cars, and Googly Androids

  • Fossils linked to Maori legend of man-eating bird. # The giant Haast’s Eagle, which died out at least 500 years ago, was originally thought to have been a scavenger, but new analysis of fossils indicates that it was a lion-level predator…making it the probable basis for the Maori Te Hokioi legend.
  • Top Cyber Security Risks 2009. # Operating systems are becoming less and less of a problem, as attackers focus on client applications like Adobe Reader, QuickTime, and so forth.
  • Odd headline combo: “The algae-fueled Prius hits the road” and “Flesh-eating bacteria hit the beach.” (ZDNet newsletter) #
  • I like the sound of “Googly Android devices” #
  • Not sure what this song is, but what I can hear of it sounds like the chorus from Gethsemane – over and over and over. #
  • WTF? Allergy recall of “Fannie May Milk Chocolate & Almonds” due to undeclared almonds. How is that undeclared? #

Pop-Up Design, Bird Buzz, and What is…the Thing?

  • Running system restore on my Windows box at work. Just how I wanted to spend Monday morning. #
  • Dear HaloScan users: Please do not use the Javascript-only pop-up for your comments links. I can’t open that in a new tab. #
  • Grr. Dialog boxes should not pop up while typing. I hate accidentally saying OK or Cancel. Who runs only one app at a time these days? #
  • Just got buzzed by a bird on the way to the car. #
  • I don’t know why yesterday’s Real Life is so funny. #