The Turn Signal Is Your Friend

Given that most of us think we are above-average drivers, you’d think people wouldn’t expect other drivers to be telepathic.

Turn signals prevent other drivers from hitting you! (Or at least reduce the chances of it.)

I am amazed time and time again as I see people driving shiny new Mercedes, Lexuses (Lexi?), and BMWs dodging in and out of traffic without signalling, trusting those below-average other drivers to have above-average reflexes and precognitive abilities.

Bringer of Doom!

Mwa ha ha! Guilty as charged.

Beware the summer cold, my dear,
The nose that blows, the throat that hacks!
Beware the Sudafed, and fear
The Kleenex pocket packs!

….And now for some lemon tea. *snif*

What Lies “Beneath You”

In case you’re wondering, yes, I am planning to make this a weekly column of sorts. And it’s been brought to my attention that maybe I should mark it as containing spoilers, seeing as how some people in some other places might not have seen the episode in question yet, or might have missed it. I understand this. Spoiler warnings will now be conveniently placed before the text of my rambling. Voilá.

I’m beginning to see a pattern here with the chased young things beginning episodes. And I and many others think they’re supposed to be potential Slayers–“Lola” here was a pretty good fighter, the other was in extremely good shape, and Lola actually managed to communicate something, dreamstyle. My first guess as to what was sufficiently beneath and devouring to fit the description was, simply, the Hellmouth.

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It’s a strange feeling, when someone you live with gets sick, and you know, just know that in a week, two weeks at the most, you’re next. I’m not looking forward to coughing, sneezing, and living on Ny-Quil, although spending the day in bed sounds nice…

Review: Might and Magic IX

I’d been planning to add a whole bunch of alternate realities to the Flash site, but I finally installed Might and Magic IX and started playing it instead.

I’ve played and enjoyed games 4-7, and I’d heard bad things about #8, so I went straight to #9. So far it’s interesting and immersive, although there are some things about it that are really frustrating.

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