Just saw this page that compares the different DVDs of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. I’ve been looking forward to the Special Edition mainly for the new cut of the film which adds back a number of scenes and details from the book which I had wanted to see.

And no, I don’t see this as some cheesy marketing ploy to get me to buy it twice. Each package has a separate version of the movie, and none of the extras are duplicated between the two sets. I heard someone describe it as a 6-DVD set split across two packages, and that sounds about right.

…in jest, anyway. A month or two ago I stumbled across the QDB, a massive database of amusing (and sometimes not-so-amusing) user-submitted quotes, primarily from IRC chats. Last night I went back, curious to see if anything new had cracked the top 50. Well, the top ones were mostly the same, but I kept pulling up random lists, and was up until about 1:15.

Time to sleep. No, time to work. Damn.

Don’t you just love having your head messed with? And isn’t Joss great at it? Of course, if you’re a return viewer, you know this by now and it’s probably part of the reason you tune in. The season premiere, though, didn’t have a lot of time or latitude to do much but mess with our heads, since it had so many loose ends to tie up. Not a whole lot of hints about the rest of the season, so far as I could see, but still good. What we’ve got here is a bunch of people who are doing things, but generally either being very cagey about their motives or not giving a clue as to whether they have any. In a writing class, this would be unforgivable. On TV, it’s suspense. Continue reading