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Wait, why does the smoke detector need orange juice?

I’d never noticed the “don’t use Energizer” note on the smoke detector before. But sure enough, it’s still chirping.

So I went to look online for why, and found that auto-complete has some odd ideas of what smoke detectors need.

Search box offering auto complete for "smoke detector requires specific brand..." ...of product? ...of sunglasses? ...of orange juice?????

For the record: I didn’t find a satisfactory answer. A lot of talk about types of batteries based on power consistency and drop-off rates. You don’t want something that stays high-power longer, then quickly drops below the level needed to produce a low-battery alert. That makes sense. But specific brands? The consensus was split between specific brands having been rated in tests, or specific brands having deals with the smoke detector manufacturer.

The 2018 Social Network Experience

Twitter is like a train crashing into a burning dumpster, and the railroad owner won’t let firefighters in because they’re doing such a brisk business selling marshmallows.

Facebook is like a large family gathering where you can’t quite get away from your racist uncle/in-law’s soapboxing, and the TV keeps interrupting with commercials for things related to your conversations.

Tumblr is the weird coffee shop you used to hang out in but you’ve outgrown. You stop by occasionally for old times sake, but now it’s been bought out by a national chain and homogenized.

Mastodon is like a small party: not as many people as Facebook or Twitter, but you can actually hear each other talk.

Instagram is like checking out your friends’ vacation photos, but after a while you start noticing all the product placement.

Of course, all of them have people who will Judge You because You’re Doing It Wrong.