First Try With The Old Film Camera

We got the negatives and scans back from the two rolls of film we shot with the old manual film camera. Despite the damage to the case, it seems to still be light-proof, as the second roll of film came out about as well as the first.

It was an interesting experiment. We mostly took night/indoor photos with the tripod and handheld photos outdoors in daylight. He’s not used to focusing, so a lot of his photos are blurry. The light meter app on my phone seems a little off in sunlight, so our outdoor photos are all either over– or under-exposed. (The zinc-air batter has since shown up, so with luck we’ll be able to get more accurate light readings with the next roll.) But it gave some of the photos a retro feel.

Here are a few of the better shots, plus one of the light-polluted, smoke-filled skies of Los Angeles with enough stars to recognize Cassiopeia.

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  1. Kelson's Photos

    Some of the photos I took with the 1967 Sears TLS manual SLR camera that had been sitting in the closet for 15 years until my 7YO found it last week and we bought some film.While waiting for the replacement light meter battery, I put an app on my phone. It worked better indoors than in sunlight, but at least got us close to the right exposure.And we managed to shoot a recognizable constellation in the light-polluted wildfire-smoke-infested skies of Los Angeles!#photography @blog


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