Internet Fads: GeoLOLTwit

  • My Twitter personality: ordinary sociable cautious. My style: chatty academic ROBOT [note: apparently the “robot” is because of the percentage of tweets with links]#
  • Farewell, Geocities. It was nice knowing you. (Wait, no it wasn’t!) #
  • Jar-Jar Binks speaks LOLCat – or rather LOLcats speak Gungan (Katie on rewatching Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace) #

2 thoughts on “Internet Fads: GeoLOLTwit

  1. West

    I had no idea about Geocities. I guess I should make sure I’ve got those pix n whatnot saved elsewhere, before the plug is pulled.

    Thanks for the heads-up.

  2. Kelson Post author

    No problem!

    I think maybe I should start trying to contact Geocities sites I link to or have bookmarked. A lot of them haven’t been updated in ages, but still have useful/interesting info — and if they haven’t been updated in ages, the owners might not log in between now and the time Yahoo pulls the plug.


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