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Yes, I have one for Conversational Klingon.
Katie, 11/25/00, 90% asleep

[Picture of Katie as a Centauri]

Katie and I (Kelson) were driving back from Loscon, an annual Los Angeles-area science fiction convention. Katie had stayed up late the night before finishing her hall costume (a Centauri lady from Babylon 5), and we had both had gotten up early that morning to put on the costume and makeup. Centauri women shave their heads except for a pony tail, so she had to put on a bald cap and blend it in with her skin tone. Even with practice, this took a while.

So she’s sleeping in the passenger seat as I’m driving down the I-5, there’s only the two of us in the car, and I’m not listening to the radio. It’s totally quiet except for the sound of traffic. Then, out of nowhere, I hear her say — quite distinctly — “Yes, I have one for Conversational Klingon.”

I said something like, “Huh?” At which point she woke up and said “Did I say that out loud?” It turned out someone in a dream she’d been having had asked her about language tapes.

Incidentally, she won an award for the costume.

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