A Vast Quantity of the Bizarre and Unknown

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Culled from the residents of Arroyo Vista House 1010 during the 1998-1999 school year.

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Fall 1998

It's a National Geographic Special: Stalking the Wild Conversation, with Katie Foreman.
Gary, 26-Oct-1998
I might as well get something accomplished while I'm not sleeping.
Alex, 24-Oct-1998
It would really suck to be a vampire because you'd always have to get invited in to go to the bathroom.
Brian, 23-Oct-1998
I think Jason's flashing you again.
Jenny, 10/?/98
Real men do it with their eyes open.
Alex, 26-Oct-1998
The punk rock kids, the punk rock kids...
Kristen, 25-Oct-1998
But that's not the worst part of my job...
Kristen, 25-Oct-1998
Midterms on good luck?
Kelson, 26-Oct-1998
Witness the thing that has chicken in it!
Angela, 26-Oct-1998
Lockers don't kill people. People kill people.
Alex, 16-Oct-1998
Ah, couscous ripening under a fluorescent light.
Brian, 27-Oct-1998
There is the other side of here
Brian, date unknown
Would you like some fruit?
Jenny, frequently
You can't really choose the nationality of your roommate.
Jenny, 1-Nov-1998
I've never survived a Kaba shooting before.
Katie, 2-Nov-1998
I actually fell asleep on that anteater.
Katie, 2-Nov-1998
Now why would someone want to coat a hair with cyanide?
Kelson, 16-Nov-1998
I still have to pull Madrigal Dinner out of my ass.
Katie, 17-Nov-1998
When was the last time you exercised [sic] your demons?
Brian, 18-Nov-1998
Have you been sniffing chives again?
Anne, 21-Nov-1998
The Flaming Backhoe Bed LauncherTM.
Alex, 6-Dec-1998
There's so many levels of sex in that one I can't take it.
Alex, 6-Dec-1998
"Holy shit, Scatman!"
Brian, 6-Dec-1998
It's half past cheesecake.
Brian, 6-Dec-1998
Beware of the warmification of pasta servers.
Kelson, 7-Dec-1998
Yeah, but the garbanzo beans aren't going to light themselves on fire.
Kelson, 20-Dec-1998
I have a camera in my backpack, but you'd have to be shooting through my head.
Kelson, 20-Dec-1998
Which one of us is invisible? It's gotta be me, because I can see all of you.
Alex, 22-Dec-1998

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Winter 1999

"I like my hearing. It's my only good sense."
"I don't have any good sense..."
Brian & Angela, 2-Jan-1999
But I love choking my arm.
Katie, 7-Jan-1999
You're wearing his sock in your hair?
Angie, 11-Jan-1999
Well, Merissa, I gotta go, because. . . you're sitting right next to me and I feel stupid.
Po (on the phone), 20-Jan-1999
I can be gay and not be gay.
Atul, 20-Jan-1999
Brian, you are very observant. You're frightening me.
Merissa, 20-Jan-1999
No, there is nothing walking around in the sink.
Katie, 20-Jan-1999
You'd be ugly too if you had people lying on you off and on for years.
Brian (in reference to 1010 couch), 3-Feb-1999
It's fun, though! It separates myself from... my other self.
Po, 9-Feb-1999
Here, let me hit you with my old lab.
Jenny, 15-Feb-1999
Come on, guys - I just hit my head on the floor, give me a break!
Angela, 16-Feb-1999
He's a hunka hunka burnin' Gary.
Angie, 23-Feb-1999
The Psycho Sloppy Slacker ChickTM
Angela, 24-Feb-1999
That decade when the third digit started with an 8.
Kelson, 26-Feb-1999
There's no such thing as Crispy Tetris.
Katie, 1-Mar-1999
Jenny stole my bowling fairies!
Emily, 6-Mar-1999
We went to France and the best part of it was going to Italy.
Alex, 9-Mar-1999
That's like a sugar cube of salt!
Kelson, 15-Mar-1999

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Spring 1999

I don't know if I can eat it, but I know I want... Britain.
Angela, 31-Mar-1999
You wouldn't really want to rape broccoli.
Katie, 5-Apr-1999
That's right, a lemon-flavored rodent. Mmm-mmm.
Brian, 5-Apr-1999
It's an inn! The out is out on In-N-Out!
Katie, 8-Apr-1999
I've heard of that before, but I've never seen it.
Stayover student, 8-Apr-1999
"There's a lot of things you shouldn't do with broccoli."
"Like make Jell-O?"
Katie and Anne, 13-Apr-1999
The 1010 Twister Tourney. Bare-ass naked.
Alex, 15-Apr-1999
Insert Tab A into... holy crud!
Kelson, 16-Apr-1999
Yay! Anastasia! With Miracle Grow-Hair Woman!
Emily, 16-Apr-1999
How do you get "high?"
Merissa, 21-Apr-1999
I want a satanic picture of Angela!
Angie, 21-Apr-1999
That would require me remembering the future.
Kelson, 26-Apr-1999
Brooke, pick my nose or something.
Matt, 3-May-1999
I'm really pissed at the media here. I can't even warp myself properly.
Alex, 3-May-1999
Now I feel like staring at the hamster.
Anne, 5-May-1999
I don't get much sfatisaction [sic] from blowing my nose.
Katie, 8-May-1999
Hey, this thing has molecules in it!
Emily, 6-May-1999
I will not sink to bologna.
Katie, 10-May-1999
It's nine o'clock. What's the fucking for?
Alex, 12-May-1999
I'd like a hamburger . . . . hold the goat.
Brian, 12-May-1999
The lawnmowers are running for their lives!
Alex, 12-May-1999
I guess I'm agnostic about Eitan.
Alex, 12-May-1999
"So when did you start believing in Eitan?"
"Oh, I guess when he came by and whacked me on the head."
"What did he whack you on the head with?"
"Wouldn't you like to know?"
Eitan, Brian, and Angela, 12-May-1999
"We're talking about musicals."
"We're talking about buggering."
Gary & Emily, 16-May-1999
Oh my God, it's the sacred symbol of Magumbah! Or something like that.
Kelson, 16-May-1999
"The grocery store, the grocery store..."
"When it comes to fun, nothing is more
Than going down to
The grocery store."
Angela & Alex, 19-May-1999
A whole duckful?
Alex, 23-May-1999
Can't go wrong with the undead, that's what I always say.
Gary, 24-May-1999
I need to wash the cheese out of my nails... that's a weird thing to say.
Katie, 24-May-1999
Now with more phallic-y goodness.
Gary, 24-May-1999
So can I go raid 1006 for my pot now?
Katie, 28-May-1999
Is that a lightsaber in your pocket, or...
Katie, 28-May-1999
No, "apparelfixated" does not work!
Katie, 28-May-1999
"You're not a resident!"
"But he had SEX on the Scrabble board!"
Kelson & Alex, re: Eitan, 28-May-1999
I want to see you naked, Brian.
Alex, 28-May-1999
"Katie's here to save us!"
"From what?"
"My lack of CHP-ness."
Angela, Katie, and Anne, 16-Jun-1999

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