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If you use one of the following web browsers, or a newer version, you should see the site closest to the way it was designed:

That said, I use W3C standards as much as possible, so any browser with decent support for HTML 4.0, CSS 1.0, and PNG images should do, including other browsers based on the same code as the four above.

I do sometimes use experimental features, but only for minor enhancements. Right now, the site looks best in Safari 3 and Chrome, followed by Firefox, then the rest.

Specific Notes

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Internet Explorer 6 and older have limited support for PNG images, and will not always handle transparent areas. I have used scripting to work around this problem, so if you have scripting turned off, some images may not display correctly. That said, IE6 is horribly outdated and insecure. I highly recommend either upgrading to version 8 or switching to an alternative browser like Firefox, Chrome or Opera.

If you’re stuck on a pre-OS X Mac, you might want to look at iCab. It’s the only modern web browser I know of that still runs on Mac Classic.

Older browsers should still be able to view the site—it just won’t look pretty.

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