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Unofficial B5 Character Cards

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These were added to fill in the characters who didn’t get cards from the original set. Numbering is based on adding a fraction to some associated card. For example, Commander Sinclair was Card #1 in the original set; his replacement, Captain Sheridan, is Card #1½ in my set. All cards are in GIF format.

Card Captain John Sheridan (52 KB)
Card Marcus Cole (46 KB)
Card Zack Allen (66 KB)
Card 4½a Lyta Alexander (52 KB)
Card Psi-Cop Bester (52 KB)
Card Ambassador Delenn (Season 3) (63 KB)
Card Dark Kosh (62 KB) 28.8+ KBps RealAudio clip T
Card 10½ War Council (64 KB)

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