Structured Poetry

This is where I've put the poems with recognizable structures, such as sonnets, as well as some free-verse pieces with structures unique to the particular poem. The pieces are in alphabetical order below the list, so don't panic if the first one listed isn't the one you see first. You can get to the 9-line page from here too.

Structured free verse


Other forms

The Blitz

The right to a face
History now, as happens
Every time.
Pieces of a legend made for
Hands, destined for clutter
And obscurity in toyboxes--
No five-year-old in less
Than a hundred can conceive of
Overarcing significance, see
More time than now, behind or before.
Millennia can only
Erode what we hoard
Now, however careful
And the hype in all its glory
Cannot outlive any child
Enthralled, in wonder for a lifetime.

Copyright 1999 by Katherine Foreman.



She stood as on time's riverbank, her face
As silent and unreadable as stone.
She knew that when we left this time and place
Each one would go her separate way, alone.
A parting of the ways we knew would come
Had finally arrived, and things long past
Remembered, as if all had just been done--
The stones and nets we'd thrown had just been cast.
A word, and she was gone. No long goodbyes,
No looking back in vain for things long gone;
She didn't need to leave with fruitless sighs
To let us know she needed to move on.
We knew there were no words we had to say--
Inside my heart, I carry her that way.

Copyright 1995 by Katherine Foreman.


The Flame

I feel a flame inside my heart today
I hear it crying, pleading to be free
And yet it must be hidden, locked away--
If let out, it would be the death of me.
It started as an ember, barely there
And then came forward, bursting into flame.
I tried to tell myself I didn't care;
It cooled a bit, but burned on just the same.
And then some fuel was added to the fire--
Although how it was done I do not know--
And lest this flame become my funeral pyre
It must be quenched, or simply cease to grow.
For if I let it take me, oh! the pain,
Because I know it will not die again.

Copyright 1994 by Katherine Foreman.


Four Tanka

Ask yourself about
What you expected--it is
Just what you received.
But ask yourself what you hoped--
It's why you're disappointed.

An eye-to-eye glance
Reveals nothing of motives
To either of you
But you don't want it to, and
You can't read it anyway.

And what do you say
With a chance to prove yourself
Something besides dumb--
Be yourself, but just too late
The front door slowly closes.

How silly one feels
Riding all the way back home
In stinging silence.
A shattered hope--no dreaming,
No promise can repair it.

Copyright 1998 by Katherine Foreman.



After the black Knight
The sky kept crying into
My blue umbrella.
Later it will afford the
Irony of a rainbow.

Copyright 2000 by Katherine Foreman.



To own a unicorn--
Still possible, to tame and ride,
Yet one step closer to a nasty fall.
What motivation now
In the age of permission
To keep the fading bridle sparkling?
The untouched may believe
In a lover's kiss of wind,
The exhilarating flight of hooves.
But for where I have been
I have seen too much to appreciate,
Known the promise of what can lie beyond.
And silver manes' caress
Cannot begin to satisfy
What longing has been awakened.
The hoofbeats' bells still chime
In present and memory, stabled now
And waiting, in time to fade.

Copyright 1998 by Katherine Foreman.


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