This is the location of everything musical and fit for public viewing that I've written. It ranges from piggyback filk to original pop. When I get a program that can export sound files, I'll try to get some of them up on the page so you can hear what the lyrics sound like.

Mainstream Pop

All That I Needed was You


The Drowned Sailor



Campus Shuttle

With deepest apologies to the hard-working drivers of the UCI Campus Shuttle.

The Packrats' Anthem

Procrastinator's Blues

Original Liftable Filk

Robert Jordan-related

Deposition of Deposition

In White


Perfect Silver



Inspired by So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish by Douglas Adams.

Restless Angels

Inspired by Babylon 5. Warning!! If you haven't seen the end of fourth season and are ever planning to, please wait until then to read this filk. If you choose not to heed this warning, please don't blame me for spoilage.

Understanding You

Harry Potter filk. Inspired by the Draco trilogy (D. Dormiens/D. Sinister/D. Veritas) by Cassandra Claire.

Untitled Ballad

Inspired by one AD&D campaign, and used in another.

Piggyback Filk

The 'Bander

If you've played Angband or any variant thereof, this will make sense. If you haven't, it won't. Such is the problem with filk.

Blue Dragon

An AD&D filk to the tune of "Blue Christmas."

Delivering Diani

A condensed version of an AD&D adventure I played.

Girls Just Want Obi-Wan

This was suggested to me by a friend who intended to write it himself, didn't have time, and liked what I came up with enough not to pursue it himself. It is also in no way self-descriptive, whatever my views on Ewan MacGregor's cuteness quotient may be.

Hoshi and the Slug

A tribute to the most boring episode of Enterprise yet to hit the airwaves. Written as a sort of challenge after a carload of friends started singing the title phrase and tacking on "with diamonds."

Let's Kill the Bot

A dicebot is a program which, when loaded onto an IRC chat program as a separate user, will "roll dice" for players, giving them random rolls within the specified parameters. IN THEORY.

Love My Kender

An AD&D filk about those loveable, thieving, butt-saving kender, to the tune of "Love Me Tender." (Just call me Elfis Presley. On second thought, don't.)

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