Since I don't have a whole lot of stuff done, let alone HTMLized, I'm putting it all in one place. For a list of what I'm planning to add sometime in the future, see the Coming Attractions page.

Fantasy and Science Fantasy

A Promise Kept

A science fantasy story with all three types of "magic:" spells, mental powers, and technology. Now a complete draft!

In Motion

New! Set in the world of APK, twenty years earlier. The story of how, where, and why the riots started, and who was there to see it.

Mind and Body

When a demon nearly ends a mind-mage's life, only the gods can give her future back.


Predictions about the future lead to a mystery rooted in the past. Takes place about 150 years before "A Promise Kept." (unfinished)


The story with Alenxa. An extreme prequel to "A Promise Kept." Finally finished and up for reading!


New! Set in the world of APK, three months later. A story about dealing with the unexpected, making choices, and living with your life.

Mainstream Fiction

An Acute Case of Anagnorisis

What happens when you realize you've been aced out?

Maid of Honor

Not my latest, but maybe still my greatest. This story got me accepted into the advanced Short Story workshop class last Fall quarter, which gave me a good reason to finish "Sanctity." Thank the gods for deadlines.

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