Writing by other people

Literary Guild at UCI, of which I was once president, has not only writing by other students at UCI and people from the area, but also a collection of other links to writing sites.

Hyperborea is my boyfriend's website. There's a lot more here than just writing!

The Anthologia Demens is a friend's site dedicated to his fantasy and science fiction writing. I've got a few credits on some of the stuff as well. :-)

Some of my favorite sites

Sluggy Freelance is a hyperactive, hilarious web comic with a new and crazy strip every day. If you like bunnies with switchblades, aliens working as secretaries, poinging ferrets, and demons who need glasses, you'll love it. Heck, you might love it anyway.

Thangorodrim is one of the best starting points for getting into Angband, one of the original computer RPGs. (If ASCII graphics aren't to your taste, there are several patches available to enhance the look of the game.) You might want to visit the Newbie Guide section for beginning advice.

Spiderweb Software is the home of the Exile trilogy of role-playing games, plus the potentially never-ending Blades of Exile scenario engine and editor and their latest effort, Nethergate. They're also working on an Exile overhaul called Avernum.

My former favorite random name generator is no longer in existence, but a new one by Rinkworks looks very promising indeed, especially in terms of specialization potential. The generator at The Cave is still all right, and seems to have been improved. If you can run Perl, Chris Pound's Name Generation Page has several scripts for random names. If you can't, there are lots of lists of possible names and words for different-sounding languages. But to find out what your name means, you'll have to go to the Etymology of First Names page. has some more interesting info on names and theories of personality. (It's scary how right they are on some people I know!)

The Internet Anagram Server gives you anagrams for any phrase you can fit in the box. (My favorite one for my name is I'm a Fake Tenor.)

Pete's Compendium of Knowledge is a great place to get lost for hours. A lot of the stuff on the Shelf is howlingly funny. WARNING--this site is not for the uptight! If you don't consider yourself at least a little twisted, it might not be for you either.

jane's mehndi sketchbook has some great mehndi (Indian henna body art) designs and connects to a page of links that's the fastest-loading and most comprehensive I've seen.

SOAR (Searchable Online Archive of Recipes) is my backup cookbook. If you need a recipe for something, chances are they've got it--and if it's common enough, they'll have it ten times over.

WebRPG is a cool place to get involved in computer-mediated gaming. They also have message boards on hundreds of topics, a collection of links, and a page of Top 20 lists of funny stuff from RPGs.

Celtic Web Art is where I got any graphic or background that looks Celtic. Right now it's only stuff on the AD&D Quotes page, but that may change.

The Enigma Device is a Java game in which you solve encrypted quotes by switching pairs of letters. Two new quotes every day!

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