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Welcome, adventurers and storytellers. You have reached my page, and with luck, by the time you return there will be much more here to see. For now, pick a piece of writing, sit back, relax, and enjoy the tranquility of this reading room.

New filk: Hoshi and the Slug. When a carload of your friends starts singing "Hoshi and the slu-ug with di-i-amonds," it's hard to resist. Kelson and I collaborated on the first verse, and I sort of took it from there. If you're in the mood for more serious filk, I just realized I forgot to announce the posting of Restless Angels a long time ago. It contains well-camouflaged Babylon 5 spoilers, so if you haven't seen the end of fourth season and are ever planning to, consider yourself warned.

More new stuff in the APK world! This story, Will, is set about three months after APK and is about half as long. WARNING: "Will" contains MAJOR SPOILERS for APK, and if you read it first, it'll be less like reading The Hobbit after LOTR and more like seeing the original Star Wars trilogy in reverse. (Which I almost did, but that's beside the point.) You have been warned. I'm working on an AAQ, but since I've only gotten a few specific comments about In Motion so far, I'm not going to put it up, only use it for consistency in answers. (If/when I do put it up, it'll have become a FAQ anyway.) So read, enjoy, and let me know what you think!

For those of you to whom I've been promising new stuff in the APK world soon, it's here! (For the rest of you, I've been promising new stuff in the APK world soon, I've finished some, and you're welcome to read it too. :-) It's set at the very beginning of the riots, and it's called In Motion. Please give me your opinions--this is draft 1.5 and I'd appreciate knowing what I could and should do better. If you're new to the world, I recommend reading A Promise Kept first. If you have questions regarding plot points and/or background for "In Motion," whether you're new or a returning reader, please try the AAQ (Answers to Anticipated Questions) first. If it helps you, please let me know--I may start putting these up for every story in an unfinished sequence (which, right now, is every story).

It's amazing what you find in your archives sometimes. Recently I found six poems and a song, all of which I couldn't believe I'd forgotten to include on the page until now. In alphabetical order, they are: "Fourth of July," "Hourglass," "The Limit of the Universe," "Love," "Rhetorically Wondering," "Rose-Colored Glasses," and "Untitled Ballad." No, that last is not a mistake, it's the song. Check it out if you're curious.

A complete draft of A Promise Kept! It ended up being 9 parts long and occupies a 300K file on my hard drive. It's still a rough draft until it gets published, so be sure to tell me if something seems weird to you. As always, I've messed with earlier sections, either to correct things or to clarify, so the standard warning about checking your continuity worries applies.

An illustration! This is a scan of a scene I drew 4/9/01, the first illustration I've done outside of margin doodles for A Promise Kept. It won't make sense until you've read Section 5, unless you just want to see how I picture Tama in my head.

New stuff coming when I get a chance: directory-fication, moval of the Earthlink stuff here, and (drumroll) crappy MIDI's of some of my songs! This last depends on me not getting a muse attack when the computer I'm using for it isn't in use. It's connected to someone else's monitor and I don't yet have the cash to throw into a triple-KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) system to get it to be displayable on mine too. But I've started two, and it shouldn't be too hard to get preliminaries for more.

See you soon!





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