All About Me

Alenxa (pronounced a-len-cha) is the all-purpose online name of Katherine (better known as Katie) Foreman, UC Irvine graduate in Linguistics, aspiring author/poet, Exile/Angband/solitaire/Tetris/AD&D addict, Mac evangelist, cat lover, Babylon 5 fan, Trekker, chocoholic, artist, henna enthusiast, cookie baker, and jewelry maker extraordinaire. Alenxa is also the name of the extremely cool main character in "Sanctity," one of the short stories that's now up for reading and review on this site. Please, whatever you do, don't get us mixed up. She'd never forgive me.

Anyway, here I am. I finally learned how to put a picture in the middle of text (thanks, Jason! :-), and here it is. If I can remember to ask for the use of my boyfriend's scanner in the near future, I might add some shots of my cats, my jewelry, and whatever friends will let me put their pictures on the web. For now, I'll put down my e-mail address so you can contact me. I usually reply pretty quickly. If it gets to be more than a week, go ahead and remind me. A word of warning: take your spamguards off, folks--I can't reply if your address is wrong, and I can't even write to tell you I can't reply!

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