Untitled Ballad

This doesn't have a title. I'm not apologizing, just stating. It's intended to fit into medieval fantasy worlds as the kind of love song minstrels would actually have sung, though I have to admit it's rather too modern melody-wise to fit really well. It was originally inspired by one D&D campaign and then got used in another where I play a bard. If you think of an appropriate title, I'd really like to hear it--"Untitled" sounds too much like a mistake in coding.

Say a prayer for me tonight
Far away from home and thee
I shall be there presently
With the dawn of morning's light.

Hold me gently in thy mind
As thou wouldst were I with thee
Only think how thou lov'st me
And thy comfort thou shalt find.

Lift a song for me tonight
Underneath the moon and sky
I'll be with thee by and by
With the dawn of morning's light.

Though the path I follow now
Takes me ever far away
I'll return at light of day
This becomes my only vow.

Send thy heart to me tonight
Let it find me as I roam
Thou shalt guide me safely home
With the dawn of morning's light.

Copyright 1999 by Katherine Foreman.

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