Restless Angels

When I hear this song in my head, Melissa Etheridge is singing it in a style somewhere between "I'm the Only One" and "Angels Would Fall" (What's that you say? Influences on this song from that one? Surely you jest) with maybe a bit of Sheryl Crow's "A Change Would Do You Good" tossed in for good measure. The melody in the chorus (the pieces with "restless angels" in them) is VERY similar to the chorus of that "tips of my fingers/I had your love but I let it slip away" song by John Hiatt, so similar that I was nearly depressed for two days after I first heard it. I've been trying off and on to create a MIDI file, but I can't figure out the guitar chords because I don't play it myself. (Grrrr.)

The lyrics may sound as though the song should be a duet, but it's supposed to be one person thinking from two angles. I didn't know how else to do it, and IMHO it's okay, but if you think otherwise, please tell me--this is basically a first draft.

I couldn't sleep at the hour of whispers
So I took the chance and talked to you
I didn't know if any other spirit
Would have what I needed to get me through

Watch through the windows I don't leave open
And the glimpse you see will be too real
I took the chance that time would be forgiving
And now I've run out of things to feel

Crowned of the fools with a choice in the face of a world with the one or the other alone
Nothing to lose but the light of a face that for all that it shows doesn't want the world to know

Somewhere hiding back in the shadows
When the future was not destiny
Restless angels are watching over
From somewhere out in the stars we see

Lonely together, the reasons fluttered
In the breath I'd shape to stay alone
What would I change if I could have seen the future
And how would it be if I'd only known

Holding the peace of a void in the hand that would hold something more if the breath would allow
Life falls away with the touch of a hand to transcend all the walls without ever knowing how

Unrequited, a heart held together
By the pieces of a soul now gone
Restless angels, far from forever
Love may be over but the life goes on

No one else alive
Would dare to make the journey
No one else's eyes
Would see what task remained
Standing in the fire
That threatens now to burn me
I would give my life
To take away your pain

No one could hear, so I screamed my silence
And it echoed in the space you filled
I never dreamed that it could have been so perfect
And now I know that it never will

Chances that fall through the fingers of time leaving pain for the building to keep us in need
Finding the courage to reach for a time when the turn of the wheel lets us pay our debt in deed

Here inside it's harder than ever
To accept the past and just move on
Restless angels, far from forever
Love may be over but the life goes on.

Copyright 2000 by Katherine Foreman.

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