AAQ (Answers to Anticipated Questions) for "In Motion"

I think a lot of the questions you're going to want to ask about this story are going to be the same, so I've decided to post the answers here rather than answer a parade of the same thing. These are the details that either would be explained by a previous story or aren't horribly important IMHO. If you think one of these should be worked in, and especially if you have an idea where, please let me know and I'll try it. Also, for those of you who don't get around to mailing me (or those who do, and don't get a reply for ages), this will be loads better than wondering for months.

And yes, it is pronounced "ack."

  1. Why these characters?
  2. What's with the bombing?
  3. Life as a kinetic really sucks.

1. Why these characters?

1a. Who's Agera? Is she important?

--She's the Dealay girlfriend Irina mentions in APK. She appears in story 6, but it looks like it'll be a brief appearance, so I thought I'd try to do a little more with the character.

1b. Does this mean Vance is (or will be) important later?

--Yes. "Will" should clarify that.
  1. Is he in story 6 too?


  2. Why not? Doesn't he stay with the group?

    --No. He and the other kinetics get escorted to a safe(r) location via the Underground. Since 6 is about the trip made by a riot group, he's not there.

  3. So how does he get to the Stronghold?

    --He asks to go where Agera is going to end up.

1c. Do we ever see Lidra again?

--Probably not. I could probably pull it off if people really like her, though.

1d. Torria?


1e. Savris?

--Briefly, in story 6. (I've really got to beat that one into presentability.)

1f. Did you derive any names from meaningful sources?

--Not really. Agera didn't come from the Japanese word ageru "give," even though it sounds like it should have, for the simple reason that when I made up the name I didn't know anything about Japanese. Torria was originally Torri, since I'd been listening to a lot of Tori Amos. It changed when I realized that all four kinetics were going to have five-letter names, and when I remembered that Torria is the name of a town in one of the CRPGs I've played, and that games in general are how I tend to escape. So that one kind of did, but not originally.

2. What's with the bombing?

--Exactly what Savris says.

2a. I remember from APK that buildings besides the stations were rubble-ified.

--They were. The other burning buildings in this story were the police and fire stations, and the main power plant. Later, large buildings with private 'porter stations were also bombed. I'm still deciding how the Board's main facility was gotten rid of with minimal loss of life.

2b. Why wholesale destruction? Couldn't they have just destroyed the machines?

--They'd have liked nothing better than to have been able to do that. But they were working under time and resource constraints, and they couldn't access the nets without being spied on. They couldn't come up with a way to completely destroy all the Power tech with no loss of life, mainly because the people in charge of maintaining it might be coerced into repairing or re-creating it. They didn't like the solution they came up with, but it was really all they could do.

2c. How did they get the supplies?

--Originally, sympathizers in the fertilizer and electrical-supply trades. By the time they ran out, the riots were on, so they just stole more.

3. Life as a kinetic really sucks.

--No $#!+, Sherlock.

3a. How did the Board get away with it?

--By not telling the population at large that the cleaner, more efficient, energy-saving new mode of transportation was run by slave labor.

3b. Why can't the kinetics just cut the harnesses off?

--You think they're allowed sharp objects?

3c. Does "retirement" mean euthanasia?


3d. What's the difference between partial and complete severing?

--Partial renders the person a paraplegic, paralyzed from the waist down. Full creates a quadriplegic. Either method is performed so that the person remains independent, something that wasn't always possible to guarantee.

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