1.5 is alive!

K-Squared Ramblings is now running on WordPress 1.5. I’ve let it use the new default template since a) I’ve been meaning to overhaul the layout anyway, b) the theme system is completely different, so I may as well start building a new one instead of trying to cram the old one into the new framework and c)…it looks nicer than the old layout.

I do plan on re-enabling things like related posts, recent comments, etc. as I learn my way around the new template, figure out what nifty new features are available, and figure out which plugins are still compatible.

Update 11:00: I’ve got a more personalized header up, and some of the basic add-in features like related posts and Gravatars. Categories appear hierarchical again, and the sidebar badges are back.

And best of all, Spam Karma is still standing guard.

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